N. 00 – The Outing

Ardi, a sixteen-year-old student from Albania, is in the second year of a “dental technician course” and dreams of becoming a dentist. The class is composed of a small group of Italian students and a variety of students from outside Europe. It is the second term, the temperature in the classroom suddenly rises at the moment of listing those interested in the school outing. A certain reluctance puts the whole outing at risk. The teachers try to persuade the unresponsive students using the lure of an “educational” night at the disco. Will our budding dentists manage to reach an agreement and depart for the longed-for excursion?


Director: Dorino Minigutti
Photography: Debora Vrizzi
Editing: Alberto Masi
Production: R.A.M.
Developed with the contribution of the F.V.G. regional audio-visual Fund.