Sushi & Frico


The Tokyo Furlan Fogolar is the melting pot of stories, dreams and hopes of young people from Friuli who lives in the Japanese metropolis. A microcosm that represents an increasingly large number of young people who run abroad in search of work and better living conditions.
Through the other, in the far east, the young protagonists learn about their origins, culture and the values ​​that represent them.

Director’s notes

Globalization broadened the horizons and the opportunities for those who look for a job abroad. No longer just America and Europe, but the Far East as well. Our attention is now on the route East, in those Lands where the differences between westerners and the easterners are clearly visible.

In young Friulans accounts some common elements emerge powerfully: the difficulty in living in such a different country because of language and writing, the will of growing, getting a career and wages that are nowadays a mirage in homeland. Moreover, the dedication and the typical Friulan constancy in facing difficulties.

Although technology has cancelled distances and pragmatism pervades our lives in young Friulan emigrants a very strong tie remains to their homeland.

Dorino Minigutti


Year: 2016
Production: Agherose
Director: Dorino Minigutti
Director of Photography: Debora Vrizzi
Editing: Marco Rizzo

Developed with the support of the Audiovisual Fund of Friuli Venezia Giulia