INT/ART visual art


To be young, to be artist, to be Friulan, to be Frisian, to be Welsh, … Individual and collective identities and minority language as a symbol of belonging to a really small community in the omnivorous worldwide globalization. INT = people (in Friulan), ART = art, that is to say: artists, art people. Also, INTernational/ARTist.

The second series is dedicated to visual art in the form of comics, photographs, graffiti and wall paintings, digital elaborations, video, and so on. They are young illustrators, graphic art experts, cartoon creators, videomaker.

The main characters of the second series are: Edi Carrer, sculptor; Alice Durigatto, photographer; Carin Marzaro, illustrator; Michele Bazzana, visual artist; Luca Malisan, comic designer.

Director’s notes

The tale develops as a puzzle of reflections, thoughts and confessions of the protagonist to a listener, who’s likely to be outfield. Locations concern the most symbolically important places. The protagonist describes his/her childhood and the relationship with his/her mother, how the passion for art rose and the connection between his/her interest for art and that of his/her relatives. Slowly we get to know the social and cultural context in which he/she qrew up and how passion became profession. Dorino Minigutti


Year: 2017 Production: Agherose Director: Dorino Minigutti Screenplay: Dorino Minigutti, Giorgio Cantoni Director of Photography: Debora Vrizzi Editing: Andrea Guarascio Developed and made with the contribution of the Audiovisual Fund of Friuli Venezia Giulia and ARLeF – Regional agency for the Friulian language