Nûfcent 191


Twenty brief documentaries composed of historical fragments of the 1900’s in Friuli. A bit of social history using exclusively historical film footage from the regional archives and home movies.


The Great War is over. A budding cinematographer is entrusted with the task of putting together a film documentation of the war: a film in which tragedy does not appear tragic and the war seems the lesser evil. A primitive attempt at cinematographic fakery expressed with irony and hushed rebellion.

“Mario Quargnolo” prize – Mostre Cine Furlan, 2007
First prize ‘Renato Appi’, 2006
Mention Videoland, 2005
Festival Internacional del Cine de Uruguay, 2008
Trieste Film Festival, 2005


Director: Dorino Minigutti
Dialogues: Paolo Patui
Editing: Carlo Della Vedova
Music: Alessandro Montello
Production: R.A.M.