Nûfcent 196


Twenty brief documentaries composed of historical fragments of the 1900’s in Friuli. A bit of social history using exclusively historical film footage from the regional archives and home movies.


The economic boom has changed the way of life even in the provinces. The distance between grandparents and grandchildren has deepened. The young office-workers want a carefree life and they dream of the weekend in the company of the lovely girls of Trieste… and marriage can wait.

‘Mario Quargnolo’ prize – Mostre Cine Furlan, 2007
First prize ‘Renato Appi’, 2006
Mention Videoland, 2005
Festival Internacional del Cine de Uruguay, 2008
Trieste Film Festival, 2005


Director: Dorino Minigutti
Dialogues: Paolo Patui
Editing: Carlo Della Vedova
Music: Alessandro Montello
Production: R.A.M.