SI VÎF a life of a musician


Director Dorino Minigutti tells the Carnian singer-songwriter Gigi Maieron with a look more attentive to the man than to the artist. From the dialogue between the director and the songwriter emerges the most delicate and difficult moments of Gigi’s life: from the complex relationship with his mother, with whom he debuts in the world of music, to the difficulty of reconciling passion and family, from the pain of losing her daughter to writing as self-therapy. Over all, the ability to spread emotions, with a measured attitude, never emphatic or dramatic. An approach to life that touches simple but true feelings, with that deep sensitivity that has characterized his life as a writer and musician.

Si Vîf takes us to the mountains of Carnia, where instinct and magic, charisma and unpredictability have found home. A compelling story that delivers a message without claiming to give lessons.

Directors notes

Gigi Maieron immediately struck me for his sensitivity and spontaneity in telling himself without filters. His ability to expose his own weaknesses makes him an unconventional person and author. An artist whose words can touch on themes that involve everyone, but that we often do not investigate for confidentiality or consideration. For these reasons I decided to make a documentary focused more on the person, than on the musician. For the first time, I decided to enter the scene myself so as not to lose that connection that had been created from the beginning between me and Gigi, bringing to the screen a conversation as natural and spontaneous as possible. From this dialogue flows a testimony deeply linked to his land and that crosses time, bringing out aspects of life now forgotten or of which only a feeble memory is preserved. The result is a biographical documentary that deals with universal themes, but at the same time tells the story of a man, a place and an era.

Dorino Minigutti


Year: 2023
Production: Agherose
Director: Dorino Minigutti
Director of Photography: Debora Vrizzi
Music: Gigi Maieron

Produced by Dorino Minigutti and Anna Di Toma

With the contribution of Audiovisual Fund of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the collaboration of ARLeF