Ulderica, the mountain child


Ulderica was a particular child, brave and fearful at the same time. The memory of her childhood in the mountains is vivid and happy, although Ulderica has always looked to death with fear. Now Ulderica is a photographer and preserves the soul of the child she was. Death and the exhausting passage of time have always been the objects of her research. Thanks to photography Ulderica has transcended the fears of her childhood, but the curious eyes through which she looks at the world are the same as always. Thus Ulderica continues to retrace the mountains of Friuli, turning the lens towards that small universe in which the whole world is reflected


I approached the cinema through photography. When I was a child, they gave me a camera as a birthday gift, my first Reflex. Ulderica shares a similar story: she also received the first serious camera for her sixteen years. With this precious object in our hands, we began to study it and learn its principles in order to tell the stories we were interested in researching.
The job of the photographer has continued to fascinate me; I have always considered it similar to the one of the documentary filmmaker, who goes around looking for people, places and stories. For years, I had considered making a film about a photographer, in order to follow him/her on a journey and talk about the exciting moments and the bleakest ones of the creative process.
The moment they asked me to follow the project on Ulderica Da Pozzo I immediately realized that this was the right opportunity and that the story I wanted to tell had reached me without me having to search for it.
Therefore, I managed to make the film that I wanted to: I found myself together with Ulderica to walk the mountains of Carnia, those lands that I had already long explored for the making of my first film. Here we met mutual friends and new people, we retraced paths that we had not beaten for years and discovered new places.
In the little journey that Ulderica and I undertook, photography and cinema continued their dialogue: Ulderica continued to take photos and I continued to shoot. With our own instrument, both of us told some stories, which is the only thing that matters for a photographer or a director.

Stefano Giacomuzzi


Year: 2023
Production: Agherose
Director and Screenplay: Stefano Giacomuzzi
Director of Photography: Stefano Giacomuzzi
Music: Paolo Forte, Laura Giavon

Produced by Dorino Minigutti and Anna Di Toma

Developed and created with the contribution of the Audiovisual Fund of Friuli Venezia Giulia 


  • Festival della Montagna di Cuneo 2024;
  • Best documentary short film at Babel Film Festival 2023;
  • Mittelfest 2023;
  • INNIÓ. Art dai lûcs di mont 2023;
  • Vicino/Lontano mont 2023;
  • Pordenone Docs Fest 2023.