Maris B653


Debora, dressed with an odd space suit, floats into the outer space. After a cosmic turbulence, she awakens in a domestic environment that is familiar to her but she finds it hard to recognize because all the objects inside have undergone a metamorphosis.

After a turbulence, astronaut Debora reawakens in a familiar domestic environment that she hardly recognizes because everything has undergone a metamorphosis. Here she meets two aliens, her Mother and Grandmother, who telepathically tell her about life, sexuality and motherhood.

Director’s notes

Maris in Friulian language means “mothers” but it is also the name of the Polar Star, the guiding light for all travellers. 653 are the kilometres between Rome – the city where I lived for many years – and my hometown, where my mother and my grandmother still live.

During my adolescence while I was living in my hometown, life was very much influenced by the religious sphere that determined what was right and what was wrong. After living many years in a city like Rome, maternity brought me back home. There I confronted myself with the huge distance between my look upon the world and that of those who remained there. I felt so out of place that I visualized myself as an astronaut who explores a new planet. The aim of my short film “Maris B653” is to tell through an experimental narration this real, intimate and familiar experience where the socio-cultural bond crosses the lives of three generations of mothers. I wanted to tell the fear – mine and of many other women – of venturing in life to discover something about themselves and their desires, accustomed to a behaviour of passive obedience and unquestionable rules.

Debora Vrizzi


Year: 2022
Production: Agherose
Director: Debora Vrizzi
Director of Photography: Debora Vrizzi
Scenography: Michele Bazzana
Costume Design: Sara D’Agostin
Editing: Maria Fantastica Valmori
Post-production: Federico Tocchella

Developed with the contribution of Audiovisual Fund of Friuli Venezia Giulia and MiC – Ministry of Culture